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Quantity: Item # & Description: Cost each: Total
  DS12- 12" folding canvas Drum Stool $60.00  
  DS15- 15" folding canvas Drum Stool $70.00  
  FR- Small Folding rocker $175.00  
  LFR- Large Folding rocker $185.00  
  LARGE DUKE - Large Duke's chair $205.00  
  SMALL DUKE - Small Duke's chair $190.00  
  CFC - campaign folding chair $110.00  
  KC - knight's chair $135.00  
  LC - large chair $95.00  
  HBC - high back chair $100.00  
  LUC - lumbar chair $110.00  
  HSC - High seat chair $105.00  
  OC12" - Low back canvas chair, 12" seat $90.00  
  OC15" - High back canvas chair, 15" seat $105.00  
  OC16" - New canvas chair, tall with foot rest, 16" seat $125.00  
  WB - Water Bucket $75.00  
  MiltB - Military Bucket $85.00  
  CFT-1 - Campaign Folding Table $275.00  
  T 16" - 16x16 table $90.00  
  T 30" - 30x30 table $160.00  
  T 40" - 30x40 table $190.00  
  WB1 - Wash Basin DISCONTINUED  
  Churn_LG - Large butter churn DISCONTINUED  
  Churn_SM - Small butter churn DISCONTINUED  
  T-11 (11" Tall) 6 gallon Laundry Tub DISCONTINUED  
  T-14 (14" Tall) 10 gallon Laundry Tub DISCONTINUED  
    Sub total    
    Tax 7% Indiana residents only    
  Shipping is limited, email for availability or pickup at event locations: Valentine‚Äôs Day SCA event Kalamazoo, MI in February. Living History show in Kalamazoo, MI in March. Pennsic War in Coopers Lake Campground at Slippery Rock, PA. in July/August. Additional Fees may still appy    
  Sorry: NO C.O.D.'S allowed.      
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