About us

Van’s Chairs for Reenactment Offers a variety of authentic cross-frame furniture replicated from the Roman time frame, 18th century, fur trade, and civil war. If you are looking for correct furniture, chairs and tables for your living history camp you should be able to find the correct chair or table for you.
We create handmade furniture for all your outdoor or indoor needs. Perfect for rendezvous, living history reenactment, deck and porch seating and many other uses. Each item folds or collapses down into it’s own handy carrying package, handle built in! Every piece is handmade for the finest quality.
Legs are made from white oak or ash, seats and back are red oak. Cherry and walnut woods are $20.00 higher per piece. All cross framed furniture is screwed together and then the screw holes are plugged for that true look. All furniture can be shipped U.P.S. Weight limit capacity for each piece should be 275 lbs.
Please see our product page for full details.

You can email us with any questions about our products at VCRinc_2@yahoo.com