Butter Churns are now available

#Churn_LG $95.00, #Churn_SM $65.00

#Churn_LG $95.00, #Churn_SM $65.00

These all wood butter churns are functional, wax lined, and easy to use. The Cross style dasher screws into a wooden handle and easily removable for cleaning. The large churn is 17-inches tall with a base of 11-inches wide, holds approximately 3 gallons of liquid. The small churn is 9-inches tall with a base of 9.5-inches wide and holds about one gallon of liquid.

Laundry Tubs are here!

Our Brand new Laundry tubs are now available for order! The 14″ tall tub holds about 10 gallons and the smallest 10″ tall tub holds about 6 gallons.
Item# T-11 (11″ Tall) 6 gallon Laundry Wash Basin – Price $120.00
Item# T-14 (14″ Tall) 10 gallon Laundry Wash Basin – Price $130.00

Wash Basin

#WB1 – Wash Basin $70.00
A handy little item around camp! This wax-lined wash basin can be used for keeping a bit of clean water for washing up in, Holds about a gallon of water. 13″ wide x 6″ tall. Rope handles for ease in carrying.

#WB1 wash basin $70.00

40 inch wooden folding table

# T-40″ – PRICE: $130.00
30″X 40″ table folds down for storage or transport. Perfect for those times when you really need a table, but don’t want the hassle of carrying a full sized one. This makes a nice addition to any camp.

40" folding table

#T40 30″x40″ folding table $130.00

High Back 16″ Canvas Chair

#OC16 Taller Canvas Chair with 16″ Seat – $100.00
Due to popular demand we now produce the OC16, which is especially created for those who have problems with their hips and knees or getting in and out of chairs. Taller backrest and seat height with a footrest. As with our other fine canvas chairs, the back folds down for a taller stool.

Canvas Chair with 16" seat

#OC16 Tall canvas chair with 16″ Seat $100.00