Drum Stools

Folding canvas seat Drum Stools are now available for order!
This is a comfortable, folding, canvas seat stool, similar to our folding canvas chair. This stool is for those who want a popular canvas chair from the 1700’s that’s easily portable. Two sizes available, 12″ and 15″. Weight limit 275 lbs.

Drum stool

Drum stool

Item# DS12 – 12″ wide drum stool – Price $45.00
Item# DS15 – 15″ wide drum stool – Price $55.00

Laundry Tubs are here!

Our Brand new Laundry tubs are now available for order! The 14″ tall tub holds about 10 gallons and the smallest 10″ tall tub holds about 6 gallons.
Item# T-11 (11″ Tall) 6 gallon Laundry Wash Basin – Price $120.00
Item# T-14 (14″ Tall) 10 gallon Laundry Wash Basin – Price $130.00

Butter Churns

#Churn_LG $95.00, #Churn_SM $65.00

#Churn_LG $95.00, #Churn_SM $65.00

These all wood butter churns are functional, wax lined, and easy to use. The Cross style dasher screws into a wooden handle and easily removable for cleaning. The large churn is 17-inches tall with a base of 11-inches wide, holds approximately 3 gallons of liquid. The small churn is 9-inches tall with a base of 9.5-inches wide and holds about one gallon of liquid.

Wash Basin

#WB1 – Wash Basin $70.00
A handy little item around camp! This wax-lined wash basin can be used for keeping a bit of clean water for washing up in, Holds about a gallon of water. 13″ wide x 6″ tall. Rope handles for ease in carrying.

#WB1 wash basin $70.00

40 inch wooden folding table

# T-40″ – PRICE: $130.00
30″X 40″ table folds down for storage or transport. Perfect for those times when you really need a table, but don’t want the hassle of carrying a full sized one. This makes a nice addition to any camp.

40" folding table

#T40 30″x40″ folding table $130.00